Using Today’s Solutions

For Tomorrow’s World

Using Today’s Solutions

For Tomorrow’s World

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When we analyze our client’s cooling systems, we identify and develop a plan to help the customer and mechanical contractor to optimize the system to reach its full energy efficient capacity.

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Did you know that 15-20% of the world’s total electrical consumption comes from the use of refrigeration and air conditioning? Refrigeration compressors are used throughout society for cooling foods, industrial processes, air conditioning, heat pumps and dehumidifiers. For a supermarket or building operator, the electricity cost for cooling is often a hidden cost within the entire bill, but often represents 40-60 percent of the total energy consumed.

Unfortunately the majority of cooling systems today are not working as effectively as they should resulting in higher energy costs and increased carbon dioxide emissions. To reduce power consumption, a clear picture of how the system is working is required. Good analytical tools and methods are the basis for optimizing the operation and minimizing downtime. It has previously been difficult to cost-effectively measure the performance of refrigeration systems in operation.

Our optimization services aim to improve or recapture the original designed performance of a client’s HVAC and Refrigeration systems
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Experience the power of Emerging Energy Solutions HVAC, Chiller, heat pump and Refrigeration Optimization Services. Emerging Energy Solutions has partnered with ClimaCheck who has a proven track record with major corporations and institutions throughout the world. EES uses the latest cutting edge technology from ClimaCheck to bring its clients the best possible solution to reduce their cooling system’s power consumption. As cooling and refrigeration are a major component of many industry’s utility bill, we have developed a full solution set to address our clients demands to reduce their overall power consumption and reduce their CO2 emissions.

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