The ClimaCheck method, patented in 1986, has been used on many thousands of systems by manufacturers, universities, test institutes and refrigeration technicians in over 20 countries. Hundreds of service contractors and consultants have seen the benefits of this new way of working. Several leading industry suppliers of heat pumps, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems also use ClimaCheck to measure and document the performance of their products.

In 2009, the ACR News journal at UK’s largest trade show awarded ClimaCheck the “Refrigeration Product of the Year”. In 2011 ClimaCheck was the recipient of the Climate Solvers awarded from the World Wide Fund, the world’s leading environmental organization.

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The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) is an action-oriented nonprofit dedicated to advancing natural refrigerants to create a more sustainable, climate-friendly future for supermarket

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